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Frequently Asked Questions

This page lists the answers to your frequently asked questions about the Town of Wentworth that might not be listed elsewhere on the Wentworth website.

Last updated: February 2022




I'm interested in applying for a job with the Town of Wentworth.
Who should I contact?
Select Board office regarding openings, 764-9955.  Applications are under the Forms section.

Facts About Wentworth

Where can I find statistical information about the Town of Wentworth?
We have a copy of that here. This information is from the NH Employment and Security Economic and Labor Market Bureau based on a response we sent to them dated May 20, 2014. Download Report Adobe PDF file icon66 KB.
How do I get to Wentworth?
Wentworth is about 20 minutes northwest of Plymouth, NH, on Route 25. We can be reached from Route 25C out of Orford, NH, Route 118 out of Canaan/Dorchester, NH, or Route 25 out of Haverhill/Warren to the north and Plymouth/Rumney to the south. Use this link to Google Maps for more directions.

Food Pantry

Is there a food pantry in Wentworth?
The Wentworth/Warren food pantry is located on Studio Road in Warren and is open Fridays from 7-8 am and 12-3 pm. See the Food Pantry section on the Local Information page for contact information.

The Plymouth Food Pantry is located at 5 Main Street and is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-11 am. Also, Meals for Many, located in the basement of the Plymouth Congregational Church, serves meals to those in need every Thursday night at 5 pm.

GIS, Tax Maps, Property Assessments, and Taxes

Does Wentworth have an online GIS map?
No, not at this time. However, copies of our tax maps are available on the Tax Maps page. A public computer is available in the lobby of the Town Offices for viewing assessing information and the Town website. Note that there is not a printer connected to this computer. There will be on in the future.
Where can I get a copy of street names in the town of Wentworth?
Contact the Administrative Assistant.
Where can I obtain assessor's property information?
On your property card. You may email your request to the , and your card can be emailed to you, or you may stop into the office and request a copy (while there is no charge for a email copy, the office does charge $1.00 for a double-sided copy).
How can I view a tax parcel map of the Town of Wentworth?
There are now three ways to do this:
  1. View the parcel on our Tax Maps page.
  2. If you have a specific request (for example a snapshot view of an individual parcel/area), you may send an email request to the
  3. For a larger project, such as an entire map page, the maps are available for viewing at the Select Board office during normal business hours.

Licenses (Birth/Marriage/Death)

How can I obtain Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates?
These forms can be obtained through the Town Clerk/Tax Collector’s office. 


I want to install a mailbox outside my home. What is the best size mailbox to get and how far away from the road should the mailbox be?
The United State Postal Service has this on the website at https://www.usps.com/manage/mailboxes.htm

Miscellaneous FAQ

Are there any local bed and breakfasts (B&B) or hotels near Wentworth?
None that we are aware of. The nearest places of lodging are: The closest would be 2 in Plymouth, about 15 minutes east of Wentworth. The Common Man Inn, 231 Main Street, Plymouth NH, ph 536-2200 The Econo Lodge, 304 Main Street, Plymouth NH, ph 536-2330.
Does Wentworth have a Conservation Commission?
Yes, it does. Please see the list of town officials in the Town Officials section of the Town Offices page.
Does Wentworth have a garden club?
No, not at this time, but you may be interested in the Friends of Wentworth Parks and Recreation organization.
Does Wentworth have a Grange?
Many Wentworth residents belong to the Baker's River Grange, located on Route 25 in Rumney. For more information about the Baker's River Grange, visit the New Hampshire State Grange website and go to the Baker's River section.
Does Wentworth have a list of historic homes?
Contact the Historical Society, Francis Muzzey, 764-9955.
I heard that Wentworth has a missle. Does it?
The missile you most likely are referring to is located in Warren, just north of Wentworth. It is a famous landmark and is called the Redstone ballistic missile, erected in the center of the village green. It was donated by Henry T. Asselin, who transported the missile from Redstone Arsenal near Huntsville Alabama in 1971, then placed in honor of long-time Senator Norris Cotton, a Warren native.
Is the town hall closed?
Per the order of the Office of the Select Board and Fire Chief, as of December 11, 2016, the old town hall is closed until further notice.
What is the population of Wentworth?
911 (2012 figure)
Where are the local cemeteries?
There are three: (1) East Side Cemetery, located on East Side Road, (2) Foster Cemetery located on Mt. Moosilauke Hwy (south end of town), and (3) Village Cemetery also on the west side Mt. Moosilauke Hwy (in between Ellsworth Hill and Highway 25A).

Town Owned Properties for Sale

Does the town have property for sale?
A list of property for sale and related frequently-asked questions are listed on the Town Owned Properties for Sale page.

Town Regulations/Required Permits

Do I have to have a permit to use fireworks?
Contact the Police Department for more information.
Does Wentworth have zoning?
Does Wentworth require a burn permit?  If so, how do I get one?
Contact the Chief of Fire Department for more information.
I want to build a subdivision in Wentworth?  How do I do this?
Contact the Planning Board president for more information.
I want to subdivide my land.  How do I do this?
Contact the Planning Board president for more information.
Where can I get a copy of the excavation regulations?
Contact the Planning Board and pick up the Intent to Excavate forms from the Administrative Assistant during regular business hours.

Trash/Recycling/Transfer Station

What can I recycle at the Transfer Station?
A complete list is located on the Trash/Recycling page in the Fees & Items Accepted section.


What are some ways I can volunteer in Wentworth?
There are several ways to volunteer and become more involved in the town in elected or non-elected positions. Here are some ideas:

In addition there are other organizations are listed in the notices that appear on the town's website (see the Archived Notices page for old notices).




What are some ways I can prevent my property from bear damage?
USDA Wildlife Services sent us some suggestions which we posted on our blog at https://wentworth-nh-town-notices.blogspot.com/2018/06/black-bear-info-for-town-residents.html: