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Friends of Wentworth Parks and Recreation

About the Organization

"[The Friends] are privately funded non-profit registered with the State of New Hampshire Charitable Trust Unit. We rely on donations from both individuals and businesses to further our causes" (Friends website).

While the organization is not a part of Wentworth's town government structure, over the past twenty years the organization has been dedicated to the betterment of the public spaces that the townspeople enjoy, like the maintenance of Riverside Park and Hamilton Field. Residents are encouraged to contact the organization with ideas that will enhance these public spaces.

The organization has a board consisting of five directors and three elected officers and are always looking for new members from the Wentworth area to support their efforts.

Most recently, the group's mission has been to replace the Wentworth Village Bridge, a pedestrian bridge located in the center of Wentworth village (over the Baker River falls) with a Goffe's Mill covered bridge. More information about those efforts is located on the Village Bridge page of this website or on the Friends of Wentworth Parks and Recreation website.

The group also worked with the Wentworth Historical Society and other local groups on Wentworth's 250th anniversary in 2016.

Contact Information

Website: friendsofwentworth.org


Facebook: facebook.com/