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Highway Department

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Highway Department

  • Paul Manson, Highway Road Agent

Contact Information

Phone Number: 603-764-4304




  • Inventory and Assessment of Road Surfaces 2013 This report prepared by the University of New Hampshire Technology Transfer Center Field Staff describes "repair strategies and a 10-year budget plan" for the roads in Wentworth, NH.This document requires Adobe Acrobat 951 KB
  • How to set up, mount, and maintain your mailbox This information provided by US Postal Service provides the guidelines and best practices to install and new mailbox at your home.
    (Posted February 2022)
  • Wentworth Safety Manual,
    revised Nov. 18, 2014
    This document "provides the framework and structure for safety concerns to be managed like any other function of government through planning, organization, leadership, control, and communication" and was "prepared in order to provide all Town of Wentworth personnel with a comprehensive set of written safetly policies and procedures" (Safety Manual, page 2). This document requires Adobe Acrobat 728 KB


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