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Property Tax Information

Tax Rates

Category 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Town 8.96 6.27 8.47 6.26 6.31
County 1.75 1.95 1.89 1.38 1.27
Local Education 11.95 12.93 13.23 11.21 11.57
State Education 2.23 2.07 2.17 1.53 1.07
Total Tax Rate 24.89 23.22 25.76 20.38 20.22

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2021 Cyclical Revaluation Results

In 2021, the Town of Wentworth underwent the State mandated 5-year cyclical town wide revaluation. You may find documentation of the guidelines, standards, and procedures used in the revaluation in the Select Board's office or view the file below.

Avitar Associates of New England 2021 Cyclical Revaluation, April 1, 2021 Adobe PDF file icon 61.6 MB

Equalization Assessment

"The Department of Revenue Administration is charged with the responsibility of annually equalizing the local assessed valuation of municipalities and unincorporated places throughout the state. The Department has conducted a sales-assessment ratio study using market sales, which have taken place in Wentworth between October 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020. Based on this information the DRA has determined the average level of buildings and manufactured housing as of April 1, 2020."

"Based on the enclosed survey, we have determined the overall equalization assessment - sales ratio for the land, buildings and manufactured housing in Wentworth]for the Tax Year 2020 to be 87.1%."

(Quoted from the letter from the State of New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration to the Town of Wentworth dated April 8, 2021.) The letter in its entirety may be downloaded at the link below.

Letter from State of NH DRA to Town of Wentworth for 2020 Adobe PDF file icon 403 KB


Past Years Letters

Letter from State of NH DRA to Town of Wentworth for 2019 Adobe PDF file icon 481 KB